What Are Some Benefits Of Using Winter Tires?

What Are Some Benefits Of Using Winter Tires?


Engineers have spent many hours designing systems for cars that give better control through ABS and traction-control, but these systems do not improve or create traction, they limit the performance of your vehicle to the traction provided by your tires. When you switch to boots to improve your traction in snowy and icy conditions, switch to winter tires on your car for the same reason. Today’s high tech winter tires utilize tread designs and features such as the multicell rubber compound in the Bridgestone Blizzak to give you traction in snow and ice that is considerably better than what you can achieve from all-season tires.


Don’t let winter weather make you a prisoner in your own home. When the snow starts to fall, many people cringe at the thought of driving. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Drive behind the wheel with confidence in a vehicle with winter tire traction. You may find that this newly-found confidence in winter driving transforms your trips, usually anticipated with drudgery, into comfortable driving experiences that will put your mind at ease…and maybe even allow you to have some fun.


A big part of gaining control is being proactive instead of reactive. When driving, be the driver, not merely a passenger in the driver’s seat. Avoid the accidents, instead of being involved in them. You control the balance of your body through your feet (on which you wear specific shoes for specific reasons). Likewise, you control your car via the steering wheel and pedals giving input to your wheels on which there are specific tires for specific purposes. You tell them when to go, stop and turn. It’s simple: you can’t be in control unless you have traction. You don’t have control if you’re slipping and sliding. Winter tires provide the traction for your vehicle.

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