5 Ways to Sanitize Your Car and Ventilation System to help with COVID-19

5 Ways to Sanitize Your Car and Ventilation System to help with COVID-19


Recent spikes in COVID-19 cases remind us it may be awhile before things return to something close to normal. While wearing masks and social distancing in public are enforced to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, there are things you can and should be doing to keep your car from becoming a mobile bacteria infested area as you drive between home, work, and other destinations. If you’re not sure how to even go about sanitizing your car in a way that’ll limit exposure, we’ve got some helpful tips below.



1 – Cleaning Your Interior and Exterior Surface

The days of your car being in a sheltered from the outside world are behind us—they were never here to begin with! Even before
these strange times, keeping the interior of your car disinfected has always been strongly suggested, especially during cold
and flu season. Even more so now.

Where to start?

Well, pretty much anything you touch in your car should be sanitized regularly, but pay most attention to  commonly touched areas. These include your exterior and interior door handles, steering wheel, seat belt and buckle, shift lever, and car keys. If your first instincts are to break out the bleach, DONT!. Bleach can damage plastic surfaces just like rubbing alcohol can. Although they’re hard to find nowadays, Lysol Wipes are the recommended disinfecting wipe for all auto interior surfaces, with the possible exception of leather. A quick wipe over it would be fine, but if you need more thorough cleaning use a milder cleaning product like a home mix.

2 –  Cleaning the Vent System

Pressurized air, like the kind you find in air cleaner spray bottles, will make the easiest work of blowing out your vents.
Because of the high probability that there will be loose particles or bacteria in your vents, be sure to use a mask.
Blowing out your vent system should be done before changing the cabin air filter, which is next.


3 – Have Your Cabin Air Filter Replaced – A MUST!

Your car has a built-in HVAC system, and changing out your cabin air filter is the first line of defense in protecting yourself from germs being carried in with outside air. This is also what filters the air already inside your vehicle when you switch over to recirculate. There are several types of cabin air filters available on the market, including standard paper mesh, carbon activated, scented, and those with HEPA filtration. For the purposes of maximum protection against COVID-19, HEPA filter is #1 recommend.



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4 – Wet/Hand Wipes

Wipes are convenient and should be using the sanitizing type. They smell great, and work well for sanitizing your car’s surfaces and your hands. Use these every time you get in and out of your car or truck.


5 – Floor Mats – Plastic Type

It’s important to clean the floor of your car regularly because our shoes come into contact with more bacteria than any other part on us, .
Winter-style floor mats like those offered by Canadian Tire or Car Dealerships are a great addition, any time. They can be
cleaned easily with a water-based solutions.


A Reminder to Ride-share Drivers and Services

Because of the high volume of traffic they experience, ride-share drivers for companies like Lyft and Uber should be cleaning the interiors of their vehicles twice as often, if not more. As a rule, ride-share drivers should always set their car’s ventilation to draw in outside air rather than recirculating inside air.

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